Bleadon Parish Council

Who We Are



Mr Jim Baines

Shalom, Purn Way
Bleadon  BS24 0QF 

Tel: 01934 814243

Born Clifton Bristol 1950.  Won a scholarship to St.Brendan's College followed by several short lived jobs before settling into a 37 year career with Lloyds Bank.  Became an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and a specialist in Corporate Securities managing a team of 24 specialists. My wife Marion and I moved here in 2006 following my early retirement and I can be seen most days walking my dog "Eric" around the village. As a Councillor I hope to preserve the beauty and autonomy of the village we have come to love so much.

Vice Chairman

Mary SheppardMrs Mary Sheppard

The Incas, Bleadon Road,
Bleadon, Weston-super-Mare
BS24 0PS

Tel: 01934 812921

I am a semi-retired farmer. My mother and grandfather were both farmers before me. I have lived in or very near Bleadon most of my life and have been a parish councillor for nearly 30 years. In my time serving as Chairman and on the Youth Club, Open Spaces and Planning Committees.



Mr Raymond Blezard

Westfield, 1, The Barton,                                                              Bleadon, Weston-super-Mare
BS24 0AS

Tel: 07734 384470

Although relatively new to Bleadon, I have lived in villages for most of my life; and I recognise Bleadon as being a special place in which to live. Recently retired, I now have time and energy to put at the service of our village.

The Parish Council has a key role to play in the future well-being of our village; and it must respond with energy, imagination, and creativity to the challenges that Bleadon will face.  It is important that ALL in the community feel their voices can be heard.

With a degree in Economic and Social Studies, majoring in Geography, my career was mainly in education, with some experience of retailing and selling. I have worked with diverse groups of people to achieve goals. I believe one of my strengths is to look at issues, sometimes with a different perspective, and generate ideas to help create solutions.

Rev Steven HartreeSteve Hartree

Chestnuts, Chestnut Lane
Bleadon, Weston-super-Mare 
BS24 0QD 

Tel: 01934 811849


I am delighted to serve on the Parish Council once again as I have a concern for the views and welfare of the parishioners of Bleadon to be heard. 

Bleadon is an excellent community and I believe that it is the duty of the Parish Council to protect and promote the aspirations of parishioners. I first came to live in Bleadon over 20 years ago, and my wife Barbara was born and raised in the village. I am a retired priest who also served in local government for nearly 40 years.

Ms Jo Richardson

Sellicks, Celtic Way
Bleadon  BS24 0NF

Tel:  07859066400

I have lived here in Bleadon since 2010 and have come to love not only the rural aspect of my home village but the wonderful community spirit that exists here. I am passionate about retaining this and nurturing it for future generations to enjoy.

Using my adept ability at being able to address people from all walks of life, regardless of age or gender, I hope to be an effective councillor; one who listens and one who enables local parishioners to have a voice.  I strongly believe that the Parish Council should work together as a team with enthusiasm, vigour and passion, be open and transparent, approachable and beyond all else deliver what is best for the people that live here.

My background is in education as I am a professional Space Outreach Educator and I run my own company, working in schools, colleges and community groups across the South West. I am also one of the 9 UK Space Ambassadors working for ESERO-UK.

Ms Kirsten Hemingway

Southerly, Purn Way
Bleadon  BS24 0QF

Tel: 01934 815540     Mob: 07710 098804

Bleadon has been my home since my children and I moved here in February of 2003.  We came from the Isle of Arran in Scotland where we were used to a close-knit community and we got straight in with supporting the Toddler group, the Hall committee, the school (as a governor of Lympsham), the pre-school and the Sunday School. As the children have grown up I have had less to do with the village and I am here on the Parish Council to support the village, the way of life we have and the people who contribute to that. 

Bleadon is also my workplace, I work from home as a writer mainly for NHS organisations but I also write creatively and have published a children’s book based on animals that live in Bleadon. 

I serve on the Planning Committee, the Vexatious or Communications Committee and I am the Councilor for Footpaths and Bridleways as well as our representative at ALCA.  I work closely with Councilor Richardson on managing information for the website and the Bleadon News.

Ms Gill Williams

5 Pine Lea
Bleadon  BS24 

Tel:  813255

I have lived in the village since September 2000 although I have been singing in the church choir since 1997 and been involved in the May Fayre since 1998.

Although very involved in church activities as choir mistress, editing the magazine for the last 15 years and at some time member, secretary and chairman of the PCC, I have also contributed to village affairs eg. organising Singalong Suppers, Sausage Sizzles and the Village VE 70 years celebration in 2015. My hobby is choral singing and I have been a member of Weston Choral Society since 1997, it’s secretary for 12 years and am currently its chairman.

My career was in education first as a teacher then as a trainer of teachers. I have a B.Education degree, a joint honours degree in History and Music and an MA in Language Development. I have examined for the universities of London, Birmingham and Durham and at the time of my retirement as Dean of Studies at Roehampton University I ran a department of 126 lecturers. Committee and communication skills were key to these jobs and I look forward to being able to offer these skills and my experience to the work of Bleadon Parish Council.

Ms Anne Selway

Jackstones, Purn Way
Bleadon  BS24 0QF

Tel:  07514 531530

I have enjoyed living in Bleadon for 30 years and recognise that it is a very special place.  My background is in finance, payroll, HR and project management. I currently work at an Academy primary school in South Bristol.

I feel strongly that the Parish Council must ensure the future of the village is protected and respond to challenges when they occur. It is essential that all in the community are consulted and their opinions heard on all matters that effect our lovely village.

hese jobs and I look forward to being able to offer these skills and my experience to the work of Bleadon Parish Council.

Mr Andy Scarisbrick

Westdown Cottage, Purn Way
Bleadon  BS24 0QF

Tel:  01934 813125

I first moved to Bleadon in 1979 as a teenage schoolboy and lived here till 1982 when I started work in Newport. For the next few years I was in the village most weekends eventually moving to Newport but I returned at least once a month to see my parents. Liz and I moved back to Bleadon over 3 years ago and we have no plans to move again. 

I've been married to Liz for nearly 24 years and we have 23 year old twin sons, who spent a lot of time with their Grandma in Bleadon as children. I’m a railway signalling engineer, having started with British Rail, and test altered and new signalling before it is brought into use. I was a Group Scout Leader in Newport for 10 years and still help out as a member of the District Executive.

I enjoy village life, gardening, beekeeping, walking, the village market and village events and I hope to do more in the future.

I believe the Parish Council should represent and work for the good of the Parish as a whole. We should try and protect the best parts of our community but need to be aware that the world is changing around us.


Declaration of interests

Councillors are required to make a declaration of interest about any disclosable pecuniary interest they have which could potentially interfere with council business.

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Parish Councillors
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Parish Clerk

Marian Barber

Coronation Hall, Coronation Road
Bleadon, BS24 0PG

Tel: 07453 358 318