Bleadon Council currently manages the Allotments and the Children's Playground and is a consulting body in respect to all Planning Applications located within the village.

The Council oversees the maintenance of the Well Green - Jubilee Garden - Car Park - Purn Quarry the Churchyard and two Lay Byes at Roman Road. To this list must be added numerous Bench Seats, Plant Tubs and Notice Boards. It also acts as the Custodial Trustee in the ownership of the Coronation and Jubilee Halls, the Youth Club land and of course the Children's Playground.

What we Offer

Located in the heart of the village of Bleadon, the Coronation Hall is the principal venue for social and recreational activities for the community.

Bleadon Coronation Hall

Now modernised and well equipped, its origins can be traced back to the 1930's. This merging of up-to-date facilities with some of the older design features creates a unique ambiance very much admired by visitors and regular users of the Coronation Hall.

Two halls are available for hire for a variety of functions by groups or by individuals - the original Coronation Hall and the interconnected Jubilee Room which was completed in 1997. Both halls have fully fitted kitchens and independent toilet facilities. The Coronation Hall incorporates a raised stage whereas the Jubilee Room has more 'free' space and is well suited to sporting or recreational events. Specific information about each hall is given under their individual pages.

Both the Coronation Hall and the Jubilee Room meet relevant local authority requirements. They are covered by an up-to-date Premises Licence enabling hall users to dispense/consume alcohol or other beverages on the premises when required. Certain conditions apply to this licence, full details of which are available on request.