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Bleadon Childrens Playground - Jubilee Room, Thursday 22nd June 2023 7:30pm. Click here to view noticeClick here to view the minutes.

Agendas & Minutes for Bleadon Parish Council Meetings

A central repository for agenda and meeting notes for the Bleadon Parish Council and Annual Bleadon Parish Council meetings.

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Public Attendance At Meetings

Parish Council meetings are 'meetings held in public' and are for Councillors to conduct the business of the parish council.  Members of the public and press are entitled to be at these meetings in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meeting) Act 1960 Section 1 extended by Local Government Act 1972 Section 100 unless precluded by the Parish Council by resolution during the whole or part of the proceedings.

Such entitlement does not, however, include the right to speak on any matter except at the commencement of the meeting given over specifically for that purpose. Prior notice to the Clerk is requested and the Chairman has the right to restrict comments.

NOTE: DRAFT versions of minutes will be published on this site as soon as they are available, allowing them to be reviewed by members of the public prior to the deadline for submissions of items to be added to the Agenda for the next meeting. Please do note that these are DRAFT and may be subject to change or correction prior to being approved at the start of the next Parish Council meeting.