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Bleadon Village Store and Post Office


Neighbourhood Plan
The Neighbourhood Plan Group is preparing the questionnaire that will be delivered to every household early in January.  The aim is to find out what you think about 'Bleadon Now' and what you hope for 'Bleadon Future'.  Any resident interested in helping to get the Plan drafted will be welcomed by the Group. Next meeting is on Wednesday, 2nd January 2019 at 7pm.  Contact Gill Williams for details on 01934 813255.


Adrian Leonard (Adrian's Project Services) will be providing the Ranger Service from 6th November, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays.  He knows Bleadon well, having been a rights of way officer for NSC, and is currently providing similar services for other parish councils in the area.

Parish Council Vacancy
There is a vacancy on the parish council and anyone interested in being co-opted should contat the Clerk on 07453 358318.  We are within six months of an Election so the vacancy may be kept open or filled by co-option.  Click here for the official notice.

Click here to see which councillor has responsibility for which topic.  The Chairman and vice-Chairman are members of every committee.

The next Parish Council Meeting will be at 7.00 pm on Monday 10th December 2018 in the Coronation Hall. 

Next Planning Committee Meeting
To be arranged.
Next Finance and Personnel Committee Meeting
To be arranged.

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NSC has made some changes.  The mobile library will come to Bleadon once a fortnight on a TUESDAY MORNING.  It will be here for only one hour from 10.20 to 11.20am starting Tuesday 8th January 2019.  Click here for the new fortnightly timetable.  The full table of amendments is here.

Play Area
The council would like to upgrade the Play Area and needs your input.  Please contact the Clerk to help us design the new layout and choose the equipment.

Plans are afoot to enter Britain in Bloom and so a lot of improvements need to take place around the village.  Watch this space.

North Somerset Council would like your views.  For information
click here.

Responses to NSC by 10th December 2017


Bleadon Hill from the junction with A370 to Devil's Bridge - click here for the notice.


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has been awarded a grant of £1,733 from Locality to progress the Neighbourhood Development Plan this financial year.  Part of the grant will be used to set up a dedicated website and a questionnaire on hopes, fears and aspirations will be coming to all households after Christmas.  The Group still needs more residents to support the work - please contact the Clerk for more information.

Neighbourhood Plans - pros and cons
AS PROMISED, click here for the Pros/Cons paper from Locking Parish Council (with their Clerk's permission) and click here for Nigel Cooper's commentary on the pros and cons.

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