Bleadon Parish Council

Who We Are


Rev Steven HartreeSteve Hartree

Chestnuts, Chestnut Lane
Bleadon, Weston-super-Mare 
BS24 0QD 

Tel: 01934 811849


I am delighted to serve on the Parish Council once again as I have a concern for the views and welfare of the parishioners of Bleadon to be heard. 

Bleadon is an excellent community and I believe that it is the duty of the Parish Council to protect and promote the aspirations of parishioners. I first came to live in Bleadon over 20 years ago, and my wife Barbara was born and raised in the village. I am a retired priest who also served in local government for nearly 40 years.

Vice Chairman

Mary SheppardMrs Mary Sheppard

The Incas, Bleadon Road,
Bleadon, Weston-super-Mare
BS24 0PS

Tel: 01934 812921

I am a semi-retired farmer. My mother and grandfather were both farmers before me. I have lived in or very near Bleadon most of my life and have been a parish councillor for nearly 30 years. In my time serving as Chairman and on the Youth Club, Open Spaces and Planning Committees.



Mr Richard Dobson

Barley Cottage, Chestnut Lane
Bleadon, Weston-super-Mare
BS24 0QD

Tel: 07503 295782


When my wife and I were looking for a new home in the area, of all the places we visited we knew that Bleadon was the right place for us. We were looking for somewhere with a good sense of community and opportunities to take part in village activities. On our first day here we had a nice welcoming card from our neighbours and have always been made to feel welcome in our new home. We have taken an active interest in a number of organisations in the village and have been impressed by the work, both past and present that has gone into creating this environment and atmosphere.

I believe that the Parish Council has a key role to play in working actively with all sections of the community and I am keen to get involved and make a difference. Hopefully my background in civil engineering and various aspects of management in the private and public sectors will prove to be of benefit to the community.

Mr Raymond Blezard

Westfield, 1, The Barton,                                                              Bleadon, Weston-super-Mare
BS24 0AS

Tel: 07734 384470

Although relatively new to Bleadon, I have lived in villages for most of my life; and I recognise Bleadon as being a special place in which to live. Recently retired, I now have time and energy to put at the service of our village.

The Parish Council has a key role to play in the future well-being of our village; and it must respond with energy, imagination, and creativity to the challenges that Bleadon will face.  It is important that ALL in the community feel their voices can be heard.

With a degree in Economic and Social Studies, majoring in Geography, my career was mainly in education, with some experience of retailing and selling. I have worked with diverse groups of people to achieve goals. I believe one of my strengths is to look at issues, sometimes with a different perspective, and generate ideas to help create solutions.

Declaration of interests

Councillors are required to make a declaration of interest about any disclosable pecuniary interest they have which could potentially interfere with council business.

Registered interests of Bleadon Parish Councillors

Parish Clerk

Marian Barber

Coronation Hall, Coronation Road
Bleadon, BS24 0PG

Tel: 07453 358 318